Friday, March 23, 2012

Day 24: Growing

This is another digital project I just finished. For the assignment, we had to combine several organic forms with man made objects by scanning them, and we could include found photographs if we chose. The objects I chose to scan were seed pods, and a camera and its wires that I pulled out after smashing it with a hammer. It was very therapeutic. Don't worry, it was a $2 camera from Good Will. The girl (that's me!) and the two dolls in the center are pieces of two photographs. As I began to experiment, and put this assignment together, I started to think about how my interest in photography has grown, and how I've changed from the girl I used to be. Though I think the dolls and little me don't quite fit. At first I was trying to portray how the child I used to be seems so far away that it doesn't seem real anymore, hence the dolls. Here is the image without the dolls and myself. What do you think?

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