Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Day 22: At the park

This is a black and white print I shot last semester. I went to this park during the week in the middle of the day for one of my projects, completely forgetting the fact that this is a playground for one of the elementary schools. Soon after I arrived, a class came out for recess. Every fifteen minutes another class would come out, with usually a five minute break between the classes. I quickly withdrew to a bench out of the way, and waited for my model. I needed the playground for my ideas, so we shot during the breaks, and also did a few on the edges even though a class was out. That's where the cover to my chapbook comes from. I was photographing my friend when I noticed that girl watching us, so I shifted my camera and focus. I actually had a boy come up to me and asked me to push him on the swing. It's strange how trusting children are sometimes. As I watched them play, I couldn't resist snapping a few more...surprisingly none of the teachers came up to me. I was worried they would tell me to leave, but they didn't seem to notice. I always loved walking along the beams like this when I was little. I had better balance back then.

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