Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Day 3: Reach for the stars?

The string of stars in this image is a metaphor. The stars above us are so infinite, so far away, flickering and faint in the dark sky. Often, stars are used as a metaphor; we compare them to our abstract human concepts such as goals when we say to "reach for the stars" or "shoot for the moon, even if you miss, you'll end up among the stars." It is such a strange metaphor. For me, stars represent something a little different, they are a symbol of a person's dream or passion, of something reached for, of the unknown, or your reason for existence. Yet, for someone else, the stars represent something entirely different. That is why I use them, because of their ambiguity. As I was creating this image, I began to think about this metaphor that our goals in life are stars, or dreams are stars and I wanted to contrast it with something else, hence the pile of rocks from a construction site. The rocks are just as numerous, yet unlike the pinpricks of light we see as stars, rocks are solid and tangible. Perhaps dreams are rocks is a better metaphor. Either one you think is best, I question both, though maybe they can each work in a way. But I also question them with all of the cracks within the rocks that I digitally added. I wanted to show that things aren't always perfect, that dreams or goals don't always go according to plan, things change and crack and fall apart. Yet, we must hold onto something, whatever that may be.                                          

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