Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Day 2: Sing me a song

This is my brother, Stefan. Let me tell you something about this boy. He has got a voice, strong and rich. When he starts singing, I don't want him to stop. For this photo, I wanted to capture how he looks to me when he sings. I love the expression on his face, how wrapped up he is in the sound, in singing. You can tell he loves it, music is his passion. He has so much talent. Yet, like anyone, especially those of us in the arts, he gets discouraged, and I find myself wanting to tell him, "No, don't you dare." I want to show him this photo of him singing for me in our backyard. I want to remind him that this is what he loves, to tell him that anything worth doing in life is not easy, to tell him how much I love listening to him when he sings. When you have talent like his, you don't just hide it away. You sing loud, and clear, and in tune.

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